Chevelle is an experienced trial lawyer and one of the best in the city. She has is broad based experienced attorney with vast resources to win your case. She is detailed oriented and got the job done. I have used him for over the past 5 years on my child custody cases.

T. Stewart

Mrs. Douglas has been and continues to far exceed my expectations. She brings her knowledge and communicative skills to all that she does. Mrs. Douglas will go out of her way to make sure that the results she achieves are the best that can be obtained. She will take the time to explain the pluses and the minuses of the action you are contemplating taking. She will explore all avenues available to you and suggest some that you probably would not have thought of. I would not hesitate to consider using Mrs. Douglas for a legitimation case.

B. Scott

Chevelle superbly handled my divorce from a local attorney 2 years ago. She was able to keep a level of professionalism between all parties. Recent follow-up with her has been easy. I would say her creativity in divorce law has helped me tremendously. I would highly recommend her.

R. Griffin

My case is something I want to remain confidential. Working with Atty. Douglas made me feel like it was all going to work out and it did. In my first appointment with her, she wanted to know about me and my family. She told me that the police report was not going to show the good things about me and that she needed to represent me accordingly. She asked about my job, my kids, community service, etc. I really feel you can tell her anything–she is not intimidating, in fact, she is so down to earth. I would let everyone know who has a case to call her. I have recommended her to friends and if it is not her area, she is so nice, she will take the time to call you back and try to give you a referral to another attorney. I was very lucky to find her.

W. Johnson

When my marriage ended it looked like I would only see my daughter one weekend a month. But when Chevelle took charge of the custody and child support case that all changed. She managed to get joint custody for me and she made the child support something I could handle. Chevelle really showed her years of courtroom experience in my case. Her fees were reasonable and she didn’t even charge me for things she could have. I will be forever grateful for all of her hard work.

C. Curry

Chevelle was my attorney for a child support issue. She is honest, direct, knowledgeable, responsive, and efficient. She kept me informed throughout the entire process and protected my interests effectively. She was superb in every respect. I felt comfortable knowing that I had great representation. I highly recommend her for family legal matters.

J. McDaniel

Atty. Douglas represented me in a bitter custody and visitation trial. I had to fire my atty. right before trial because he charged me a great deal of money but I was not confident that he would effectively represent me. Someone recommended atty. Chevelle from watching her at trial. On the date of trial, she was prepared, she had the necessary witnesses and the judge agreed with her completely.
She is compassionate and does not like to waste time. I wished I had her representing me from the very start. I know she is very busy but you always feel like even with her schedule, she will set aside a time to speak to you about your case. She is clearly experienced in trial work. I have already referred her to a family member.

F. Morales

I heard Ms Douglas’ commercial on the radio just about a year ago. With all of the issues I was having, I decided it was time to stand up for my child and myself. I was very surprised that when I did call, I spoke with Ms Douglas herself right away.  After speaking with her for just a few moments, I knew this was the person I wanted representing me.  Ms. Douglas is very knowledgable and laid all of my options out on the table. She always made sure I knew that whatever decision I made in perusing my case, she would fully support.  Ms Douglas will not only fight for you, more importantly she will fight for what’s right for your child.

Douglasville, GA

I’m not sure what the outcome of my custody dispute would have been if I didn’t have Chevelle in my corner. What was supposed to be a simple visitation case, turned into an 18 month emotional roller coaster that felt like a Lifetime Network movie drama. As I transitioned between emotions of frustration, anger and anticipation, Chevelle became not only my Attorney, but my counsellor and comforter. I depended on her to help me make the right decisions, and even when I became angry at the opposing party, she helped me to stay focused on the best interest of my children.

Chevelle was always easily accessible, responsive and easy to talk to. Chevelle knew the right time to bring in third party professionals who were objective and brought a sense of balance and completeness to our position. Thanks to Chevelle’s tact and strategic maneuvering, the truth was brought to the forefront and instead of simply obtaining visitation, I was given custody of my children. That is more than I could have ever asked for or dreamt of entering the case. My children are now well adjusted, happy and doing excellent in school.

I would never in a million years want to relive this experience, but should I have to, I would not think twice but to retain Chevelle Douglas and the Douglas Law Group to be on my side once again.

W. Brown
Charleston, South Carolina

Upon my being served custody papers I was lost, hurt, confused and did not know where to begin. I was referred to the Douglas Law Group through a friend. After the initial consultation, I knew that she was best choice to represent me in my case. The knowledge, professionalism and sincerity of Attorney Douglas and her staff helped me through one of the most difficult times In my life. I won my case and I owe it to the expertise of the Douglas Law Group.

Atlanta, Georgia