Legitimation proceedings allow the father of a child born outside of a marriage to gain parental rights. This includes situations where the couple never married, where adultery occurred, or where the child is not legitimate under the law. Legitimation proceedings are commonly referred to as “father’s rights” actions because only the biological father can bring them.

Legitimation allows a father to seek child custody or visitation rights. It also allows the child to inherit from the father and to have access to his and his family’s medical records. While these things may be good for a child, this isn’t always the case.

There are times when you may believe the father is unfit to care for the child, that his suddenly coming into a child’s life would be too disruptive to the child, or that a father is asking for too much following legitimation proceedings. Let us assist you with ensuring that legitimation and any subsequent life changes are in your child’s best interests.iStock_000041615972_Large-683x1024

Posted by: kshain on June 12, 2014