Enforcement of Custody & Visitation

No case is more emotionally difficult than a child custody dispute. Unlike other legal matters, the stakes aren’t money but the children you love. Because you try to be the best parent you can be, the very process may feel like an attack on your parental abilities. Let our experienced attorneys guide you through the child custody process and get you through this difficult time.


Child custody and visitation arrangements are court orders and therefore must be followed. It’s expected that parents might be occasionally late due to being stuck in traffic or losing track of time and that they might sometimes agree to temporarily depart from the court ordered arrangement, but constant or series breaches of the court order is a serious matter that may even be considered criminal contempt.

In addition to criminal penalties, a court may also impose civil penalties in an effort to ensure the parents comply with the order or it may modify the order if it deems it necessary. If you haven’t been able to convince the other parent to comply with the court’s order, contact our firm to get help enforcing it.

Posted by: kshain on June 12, 2014