Domestic Violence

Domestic violence includes threats, harassment, and physical abuse against other family members or members of the same household. Domestic violence is never OK under any circumstances, and it isn’t something you have to tolerate.

iStock_000041137796_Large1-1024x709If you believe you are in immediate danger, your first step should always be to contact the police. Once you are removed from the situation, you can seek a temporary protective order from the court. This order makes it a criminal offense simply for the person who it is issued against to contact you in any manner.

When children are involved, special considerations must be made. If a court believes an abuser presents a threat to a child, even if the child wasn’t the subject of abuse, the order of protection may also cover the children and the abuser may lose any custody or visitation rights.

In other cases, especially where there was only a single incident of domestic violence against a parent or the violence was only verbal, the court may continue to allow visitation. In these cases, special arrangements will be made regarding how the children are picked up and how the parents will make any necessary communications regarding childcare. Contact us to ensure your welfare and your child’s welfare are adequately protected.

Posted by: kshain on June 12, 2014