Welcome. You are here because you are currently involved, or interested in pursuing a Child Custody, Visitation, Divorce, Child Support, Modification, Contempt, Paternity, Legitimation, or Domestic Violence action.

Please note that we do not operate like your typical Atlanta Family Law Firm. While we do represent Family Law Clients on a full-scale basis, we also teach self-represented individuals how to represent themselves in Court. In many cases, it is in your best interest to hire an attorney. However, some-times hiring an attorney is not an option. And just because you cannot afford an attorney does not mean you should be denied meaningful access to Family Law Court.

There is a lot of free information available on the internet. You can go on a variety of websites to obtain family law court opinions, legal documents, and suggestions on how to handle your case. Unfortunately, there is little information available which shows you how to “present your case” in court. I have witnessed many uninformed self-represented individuals denied a fair opportunity to be heard because they lack a basic understanding of the Court process.

At the Douglas Law Group, LLC we will teach you how to represent yourself in Court. Our training sessions are more than just a typical consultation but rather a hands on coaching session customized to fit your needs.

We offer personalized 1 on 1 coaching sessions in the following areas:

  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Decreasing Child Support
  • Increasing Child Support
  • Dividing Assets in Divorce
  • Pursuing Contempt of Court
  • Pursing Legitimation, Custody and Visitation
  • Defending a Legitimation Action
  • Modification of Child Custody
  • Preparing for Trial/Hearing
  • Discovery: How to Obtain Evidence for Trial

If you follow our program, you will walk into the Courtroom or Mediation with confidence.

Go to our services page to get more information about the unbundled legal services we offer.

In the event you are looking for traditional Full-Scale legal representation, we represent select clients in the following areas:

Practice Areas

  • Adoption: If you are going to adopt a child, we can assist you in petitioning the court for the adoption.
  • Custody and Visitation: We can help you seek a custody and visitation agreement during divorce proceedings that promotes your child’s best interests.
  • Modification of Custody and/or Visitation: We can help you modify an existing order that no longer fits your family’s needs.
  • Contempt: If the other parent is refusing to abide by the Court Order, we can assist you in seeking enforcement through an action for Contempt.
  • Paternity: By bringing a paternity petition, we can help your child receive child support and other benefits to which they are entitled.
  • Legitimation: Legitimation allows the child of an unmarried couple to inherit from the father and grants the father legal rights. However, Legitimation is not ALWAYS in the best interest of the child, so we can assist you in defending an action for legitimation.
  • Grandparents Rights: We assist Grandparents in seeking visitation of grandchildren.
  • Domestic Violence: Sometimes it is necessary to get a protective order. We can help protect you and your child if you are being abused, harassed, or threatened.

Contact us today to setup a $75 one-hour pre-litigation strategy session. Because we care about assisting you and fighting for what is best for your child, we offer weekend appointments upon request and after-hours availability to make sure you get help when you need it.

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