You have been seeking the answers on your own. We take you to the finish line.


We are INTENTIONAL. We work collaboratively with our clients to find the most practical and pragmatic means to resolve problems. We do not mince words or feud for its own sake. Instead, we are calculated in exercising  your legal strategy to effectuate your desired ends. Our goal is to bring peace to families dealing with Family Law, Juvenile Law and Special Education issues.


Family Law, Child Custody, Legitimation & Child Support

We resolve family law issues. There is a lot of free information available on the internet. You can go on a variety of websites to obtain family law court opinions, legal documents and suggestions on how to handle your case. Unfortunately, there is little information available which shows you how to "present your case" in court. We are experts in Family Law and will ensure that you put your best case forward. This is accomplished by working one on one with our clients.


The services or accommodations offered by your child's school district are inadequate.  You have unsuccessfully attempted to resolve these issues on your own. As special education attorneys we are familiar with laws and regulations which guarantee a child's right to a free public education. We educate parents on their rights and take the actionable steps to enforce them.


We assist families involved in Juvenile Court Dependency actions. We are experienced in assisting families dispute or substantiate allegations of abuse, neglect, physical and sexual abuse, lack of supervision, inadequate supervision, inadequate food,  and unclean living conditions. We also represents parents  in Termination of Parental Rights cases.



"Mrs. Douglas has been and continues to far exceed my expectations. She brings her knowledge and communicative skills to all that she does. Mrs. Douglas will go out of her way to make sure that the results she achieves are the best that can be obtained. She will take the time to explain the pluses and the minuses of the action you are contemplating taking. She will explore all avenues available to you and suggest some that you probably would not have thought of. I would not hesitate to consider using Mrs. Douglas for a legitimation case."

Randall Parker, Former Client